In a nutshell we are a direct from fisherman WILD Alaskan seafood company that is all woman owned and operated. We ONLY handle wild seafood, premium quality that can be sourced to the boat with the highest quality catch practices in the industry. I was a commercial fisherman for six years before transitioning off the boat and direct marketing my own fish. Now instead of doing the fishing myself i connect with about six boats that are exclusive to providing Colorado Springs, and Denver regions a wild caught option both fresh and frozen.
I think the most interesting deal would be our fresh program. Right now what is in season is our wild caught fresh King salmon gutted and in the round, head on packed on ice with two days or less from catch time. King Salmon are the only winter caught species but are extra rich in the oils (compared to a summer king). So seasonally my sales and species products will change. Right now is winter king salmon. I only say this because they are expensive and i have had chefs get turned off by this but its the natural market dock price. Summer King salmon are half the cost of a winter king but also half the omega 3’s. They average about 10-15 lbs/fish and are often ran as chef specials. We get shipments in usually Mondays. Sometimes its 3 fish, sometimes 20 so reserving yours is key. They wholesale for $22.50/lb but for your group, any chef, student or professional that would like to handle these, i would extend a special discount price for these rare jewels. $19.65/lb (which is insanely cheap market price).
Product info: Wild Chinook King salmon
Origin: Yakutat Alaska F/V Sherry Lynn or F/V Sassy
Head on, Gutted packed on ice in the round.
As season rolls around this summer you can expect fresh Coho salmon in the round, more kings, rock fish, ling cod, and potentially albacore tuna loins.
I also have frozen wholesale King salmon Fillets originally $16.65/lb but on sale to your group for $14.65/lb  (pictures attached) 
also wild sockeye fillets on sale for your group for $11.82/lb  

These are premium quality products with source-ability. We have been providing QR Code readers to chefs to hand out to customers ordering the salmon. You scan the QR code and you can watch a video on the people who caught their fish! Super fun.
For personal home pack deals, we do all cryogenically frozen products from our trollers cooperative out of Sitka Alaska. We have 8 oz Portions in 10 pound boxes of King Salmon, Coho Salmon, and Halibut.
15% off any of our stock for personal home pack use. We sell by the 10 lb case.
King Salmon $28/lb
Coho Salmon $20/lb
Halibut $28/lb