Meet the Nominees (2019)

President Nominee: John Casto

John has been a member of the Pike Peak Chapter for over 15 years and has served as Vice President, Secretary and Member at large. He is currently instructing Center of the Plate at Pike Peak Community College and is General Manager at Broadcom Arrowswest. This account is a Artisan account and the make many items in house and with a chef twist to make it fun.

We even make our own Jelly in house.

I am running for president to give back to the ACF Chapter that has given me so much support over the years!


President Nominee: Bill Thompson

My name is Bill I’ve been in the food service industry for over Sixteen years and have been a member of the ACF Pikes Peak Chapter for five years. I was voted ACF Chef of the Year in 2018; I’m currently a standing board member of the ACF. During my time with the ACF I have help coordinate meetings, our yearly fund raiser and have been working with students from PPCC at the Country Club to complete their internships by passing knowledge along with hands on work experiences. I look forward to future endeavors with the ACF to further my cooking and chef career by continuing to push myself out of my comfort zone with new experiences and challenges. I would like to continue mentoring young chefs with hands on training and guidance. As President I would like to continue to grow our chapter with fun and interesting meetings, cooking demos and competitions, also to grow our contacts with new chefs, food distributors, local farms and ranches to see the best of what Colorado food has to offer and give back to the chef community by volunteering my time as President of the ACF Pikes Peak Chapter.


Vice President Nominee: Corey King

Being New to the area I will be the first to admit that there are probably other Chef’s more deserving to hold positions with the Pikes Peak Chapter. However I feel that my experience and passion for food, growth of the up and coming culinarians, and community are reasons why I am interested. My position at UCCS can be leveraged more to benefit the Springs community. Living here for over a year now and having a better understanding of the needs I feel that I can help support more utilizing my vast experience along with my current role. We can only change the “world” together and that begins locally. This would be my focus if I were to be voted into this position.

Biography: Chef King, a graduate of the prestigious Johnson and Wales University culinary arts program is dedicated to his family and flourishing career. Experiencing diverse people, environments, and various ways of life is what influences each dish he creates, whether it is the splendor of fine dining or the nostalgia found within soul food. Through Chef King’s journeys he has cultivated a unique ability to cook in any setting, be it a quaint gathering, small functions and parties to grand events of over 20,000 individuals; targeting trendy students who are always looking for the new food fashion to VIP clientele as impressive as President Obama and former Presidents of the United States, including Bill Clinton, George Bush, George W. Bush and the First Ladies. The different cultures and techniques he absorbed alongside other chefs he has worked with or mentored have inspired the fusion cuisine he strives to perfect. Chef King’s leadership qualities, passion, focus on local sourcing, and attention to detail elevates everyone around him creating a thriving team atmosphere that leads to phenomenal food and guest experiences.


Treasurer Nominee: Michelle Moy

Cook Michelle Moy graduated with an Associates Degree in Culinary Arts and a Baking as well as a degree in Baking and Pastry in 2018 from Pikes Peak Community College. Her cooking career thus far has afforded her the opportunity to work as baker and croissant maker at Ivywild School’s Old School Bakery, Garden of the Gods Club as a banquet cook, and Glen Eyrie Conference Center as Garde Manger manager. Currently she works at Cheyenne Mountain Country Club where she works sauté, grill and garde manger stations. She is currently pursuing her ACF sous chef certification.


Secretary Nominee: Emily Bashore

I am new to the area, but certainly not new to ACF. I just transferred to the Pikes Peak Chapter from my previous Chapter in Knoxville TN., and have been a designated CEC since 2002. My education and career path started with butchering and meat preservation classes at Cal Poly University, working in a custom butcher shop for 2 years, raising livestock and truck crops in my home state of California, graduated from the California Culinary Academy in 1987, received a Pastry degree from the Tivoli School of Pastry under the teaching of the former Royal Pastry Chef in Denmark,  started a successful self operated Cafe/Take-out/Catering business, then Executive Chef at an upscale Seafood Restaurant, Exec.Sous Chef overseeing operations in a high volume family dining venue and upscale steak house listed as one of the top 10 venues in California, taught Culinary Theory and Practice at the Southeast Missouri State University, as well as the ACF sanctioned Culinary program at the University of Tennessee in Knoxville. UCCS is my fourth University job, and I currently have 15 years of educational dining experience.

I would like to fill the role of Secretary for the Pikes Peak Chapter because I would like to be an active part of this chapter and I feel, with my varied background, I have a lot to contribute to the chapter. Although I am new to the area and this chapter, I have a lot of ideas gleaned from my experience in other chapters that I feel would benefit both current and new members. And having the skill set, knowledge, and passion for all things Culinary, I would like to help bring this chapter more recognition and, hopefully, expansion. Thank you.