Our Pledge

“Please repeat after me. I, (give full name), do hereby pledge myself to obey all and each of the provisions laid down in the bylaws of this chapter and the American Culinary Federation. I will, to the best of my ability, support and preserve the good name of the organization.”

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Member types

Professional Culinarian
Culinarian with at least three (3) years full-time employment in the culinary profession.

Culinarian not involved in the management or supervision of staff, minimum six (6) months full-time employment.

Student Culinarian
Student or apprentice currently in the culinary field and less than two (2) years’ work experience.

Junior Culinarian
High School student between 16-18 years of age.

Associate Member
A representative of a group, company or corporation providing products and services to the culinary profession.

Allied Member
An individual employed in a field related to the culinary profession (Dietitian, Nutritionist, Restaurant Manager/Owner, etc.)

Military Member
Offers military personnel membership at a discounted rate. A military membership includes all the benefits of an ACF membership including discounts on certification for military.

An individual that is not employed in a culinary field, but has a passion for the culinary arts. Individuals who enjoy cooking, baking, dining at independent restaurants, or who may have their favorite chef on speed dial should join as an Enthusiast.