Endowments Application Process

Individual endowment requests may not exceed $300.00 per applicant every other year. Special awards will be considered on a case by case basis.

Applications will be approved by the ACFPPC Board of Directors (BOD).

Submission Period:

  • Application window for endowments is a minimum of (3) months prior to the activity
  • Endowments will be awarded both annually and on a needs basis

Endowment Guidelines:

  • Applicant must be a current member of the ACF Pikes Peak Chapter for no less than one year prior to applying
  • Applicant must have attended a minimum of 50% of chapter meetings within the current year and have volunteered for at least one chapter culinary community event
    • Verification of attendance and volunteerism will be conducted by ACFPPC BOD
  • Endowments must only be used for professional growth or chapter representation activities
    • Approved activities include:
      • Conference attendance
      • Seminar attendance
      • Competition attendance
      • Convention attendance
      • Continuing education credits
      • Others upon approval by BOD
  • Applicants must provide a PERSONAL ESSAY
    • This essay will include explanation of the intended endowment use, benefit to the applicant and benefit to the chapter
      • Example of benefit to the chapter:
        • Applicant may provide a short personal presentation at an ACFPPC meeting sharing their experience and/or new-found expertise
  • Endowment funds will be awarded prior to the completion of the activity whenever possible based on need
  • One endowment of no more than $300.00 will be awarded per applicant per every other year
    • Example: an individual awarded the max endowment for 2018 will not be eligible to apply again until 2020

Completed applications should be emailed to Kathy Anderson, ACFPPC Endowments Chair, at kand1954@yahoo.com. Applications will be reviewed by the BOD and applicants will be notified within (30) days whether approval has been given.