Stand Out from the Crowd!

Differentiate Yourself

Building your professional network and continually developing yourself is key to success in the culinary field! Joining the Pikes Peak Chapter of the American Culinary Federation will add to your resume. Go even further to develop and hone important skills while building your reputation within the culinary community.

Develop Yourself

  • Join a committee or volunteer with an upcoming event,
  • Seek out mentors and coaches to facilitate your growth,
  • Become certified,
  • Take continuing education classes.

Set Short and Long Term Goals

Set short and long term goals to work towards. These can be anything from honing knife skills to mastering wedding cakes. Take your game to a new level with small steps to become a more attractive candidate for high paying jobs and careers.

Build Your Resume with Us

The Board of Directors needs talented students and up and coming culinary enthusiasts to help create fun experiences with the chapter. Contact us today.